Spot Any of These 4 Signs? You’ve Got a Mosquito Problem on Your Hands That Calls for a Misting System

Do You See Standing Water?

Mosquitoes love standing water. It is the perfect breeding ground for them and during the rainy season, you must be on your toes or else you will have a full-blown invasion on your hands. Of course, it does not need to be the raining season for there to be standing water, a leaky hose or even some types of plants like bromeliads can become your worst nightmare. If you spot any standing water make sure you get rid of it, if you cannot get rid of the standing water, then treat it so it does not become mosquito heaven.

Stepping Out at Night is a Risk

When getting out to the yard at night comes with the risk of getting bitten, you know you have the start of an infestation going. Mosquitoes tend to be active at night and during the morning, you should expect to find them looking for food during these times.

You Hear the Buzzing

This will especially happen at night when the sounds of the day are lower in volume. There is nothing more annoying than going to sleep after a full day and hearing mosquitoes buzzing in your ear, they will keep you up even if they don’t bite you. If you hear buzzing during the mosquito control day things have gone too far and you should probably install a mosquito misting system solution to get rid of these flying pests.

You Can See Them During the Day

This is when you know things are bad, for the most part, mosquitoes are up and going at night, but if you have a big enough infestation you will start to see them during the day, check areas where they can find humidity or food. The kitchen is a prime location, you may also find them hovering around your pet’s food and water bowl since these are like an all you can eat buffet in mosquito world. You should try to stop the mosquitoes before they enter your home. Installing a misting mosquito system will stop them in their tracks while outside and kill them before they have the chance to come indoors.

There Is No Reason to Put Up with Mosquitoes

The truth is that there is no reason why you should have to deal with this flying nuisance. Mosquitoes are dangerous and can transmit lethal diseases to humans, they can infect you with scary and debilitating viruses that can change your life for the worst. Even in the best-case scenario mosquitoes are simply annoying, they bite, having you itch all over the place and they make summer days unbearable instead of enjoyable. Why put up with any of it? You can have the professionals at swat install a misting mosquito system that will put a stop to them. Reclaim your backyard, say hello again to barbeques and hanging out by the pool without having to be constantly battling bloodsuckers. Call us now at 305-915-5058 for a free consultation on how to make your property a mosquito-free zone.